Ray-Q offers high-performance interconnect solutions, including wire harnesses, sensors, and specialized equipment for advanced industries. From design to installation, Ray-Q supports worldwide projects with reliable products. Its unique partnership with customers in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality electrical interconnect solutions has earned the company a leading status in military, aerospace, and other industries

The Mission

Creating an attractive, modern, and up-to-date website for a security products and services company

The Challenge

Designing a website for a company that deals with security products and services while keeping their confidential information secure. The target audience for the website are mostly engineers who possess the knowledge of reading electrical blueprints. The company’s final product is a cable that is integrated into security systems. Their products are mostly behind the scenes of the industryA second objective is to highlight the company’s family-oriented culture and excellent working conditions.

The Solution

The Ray Q project was a challenging yet inspiring journey that involved various tasks such as characterization, design, programming, and photo sessions.

The creative concept was developed to showcase the importance of accuracy between a plan and its execution. We drew inspiration from engineering plans and used precise and easily readable typography, along with graphic elements, to bring the concept to life. The brand was given a minimalist color scheme of black, dark blue, white, and red, which was complemented by extraordinary photography to give the product a high-tech look and feel.