Site Design & Presentations

Tetro is an international OEM partner that manufactures high-end consumer products. We offer custom R&D, co-development, and production services, operating worldwide R&D centers and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Southern China

The Mission

Creating an attractive, modern website that showcases our innovative products to both new employees and customers.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a contemporary website design that can attract new employees to work in a factory located in an industrial city of China. The factory has been facing challenges in recruiting employees and the biggest obstacle is the unattractiveness of the city. 
A second objective is to highlight the company’s family-oriented culture and excellent working conditions.

The Solution

The characterization of the site included a new division of the site’s pages and the embossing of her address to the employees in the text, throughout each page. Creating wonder and excitement by photographing the materiality of the products. After a study of the field breakthroughs made with the customers the retirement of the company in the Middle East in China and Europe an innovative idea emerged. In our view, the site should demonstrate outstanding technological advancements

Professional Presentations - B2B

After designing the website, we developed a unique graphic language for the marketing presentations. We categorized the product lines based on their unique materials and technologies such as metals, plastics, textiles, and electronics. We also provided Tetro with a toolbox that includes separate presentations for each field to make it easier for them to contact their customers.

Color palette

Based on the industrial world and the unique materials of the products, we designed the color scheme using a combination of black and metallic gray. Yellow touches are taken from the company’s logo. Additionally, the green color represents the company’s commitment to sustainability and compliance with global regulations.